Hi there, we are so excited that you are joining us. We can't wait to share our life experiences with you and hope that it brings you inspiration in your daily life.  So grab a cup of coffee or a glass of rosé and take a look around. We're glad you stopped by. 


Elizabeth & Cassandra


"We have grown up with a strong belief that family is life, tradition is important, and good food nourishes our souls".

Hi, and welcome to the Eli of Elissandra & Co.  My name is Elizabeth, but you can call me Liz. I’m so glad you found us! 

Born in SoCal, raised in Central California, I always felt like I belonged in SoCal. I moved back  and that’s where I met my partner in life, Luis. We have 2 kids, Ian (10) and London (1) and we recently relocated to Fresno, CA for Luis’ career. My dream was to be able to stay home with my kids and this opportunity has made my dream a reality. 

Before I became a homemaker, I lived in the sales world, specifically consumer packed goods. I was able to sustain a great life at big companies like Pepsico, Dannon & Hershey but I never felt completely fulfilled. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to write and share about things I’m passionate about. Luckily my cousin Cassandra and I both have that in common which is how Elissandra & Co. began. We have grown up with a strong belief that family is life, tradition is important, and good food nourishes our souls. We are excited to share articles that might uplift you, offer suggestions, make you laugh (at our expense), that you can relate to and might help give you an idea for a soiree or week night meal.

I hope you stay awhile…xo




My name is Cassandra and I am SO happy you are here! When Liz and I first started this passion project our main goal was to be able to showcase and share our lives with the online community in hopes of inspiring mommas, grand mommas, college students, the next door neighbor and everyone in between to live their best lives. I hope that by reading our blog you find your own creative ways in life and maybe it helps you live a little easier from week to week.

I currently am a momma-to-be and a wonderfully happy dog mommy to 3 puppies. I own a restaurant with my husband and brother/sister in law where I serve tables (my life is not all glamorous!). I LOVE to cook and day dream about my next meal. To even out my passion for food and eating I also have a passion for fitness. In the past, I was a group fitness instructor for POP Pilates. I love trying out new workouts and getting that amazing post endorphin rush. I attended Cal State University, Fullerton where I got my BA in Communications, Entertainment and Tourism Studies. I’ve always loved the entertainment industry and hope to be more involved in it one day, whether that be as an actress (I currently am working on this) or in casting, etc.. In my free time I love being with my hubby, family, friends, and puppies.